"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

Declaration concerning personal data

La ferme du Pape - Hostellerie attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and information. Preserving the privacy of information is a major concern for us when we have to process the personal information that you transmit to us. The processing and securing of this data is done in accordance with the requirements of the RGPD (General Regulation on Data Protection).

Reception and processing of personal information

Our Internet server saves the IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider, the URL from which you accessed our site, the various pages of our site that you have explored, and the dates and times of connection to these pages, according to a systematic procedure. In some cases, La ferme du Pape - Hostellerie uses so-called "cookies". Personal information is only recorded when it has been given by you, when you complete a form or when you order on our site.

Your personal data is received, processed and used according to the legislation in force for the protection of individual rights, including the RGPD. They are used for exclusive contract performance purposes and in our legitimate business interest in service and advice to customers. La ferme du Pape - Hostellerie undertakes to collect only the data necessary to optimize the relationship with its customers, to process and use them legitimately in relation to its professional activity, to list, preserve, protect and archive in accordance with the RGPD.

La ferme du Pape - Hostellerie undertakes not to sell or rent the information that you have provided us, nor to transmit it to third parties, except subcontractors duly authorized in the context of specific communication actions organized by us.

Cookies and other Web technologies

We automatically collect certain data about you and your computer when you visit our website. For example, we will collect your IP address, the name of your web browser (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari), and the referring website. We may also collect information about your online activity, such as the pages viewed and the purchases made.

This website uses different types of cookies:
- Technical cookies that are essential to the functioning of the site.
- Operational cookies that are used solely to provide the services requested by users on the website.
- Analytical performance cookies that allow us to observe how visitors navigate the website and to determine what content they are viewing and interested in. They help us improve the service we offer by enabling us to ensure that our users find the information they are looking for.
- Social cookies that are used by social networks (Facebook, Google and Twitter) to control interactions with social widgets on the website.

How to avoid the recording of "cookies" on your computer?

Cookies preferences must be set for each browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera). In general, you have several ways to manage cookies, including: allowing or completely disabling cookies, deleting specific cookies that have already been saved by the browser, preventing certain websites from sending cookies to your computer, or blocking third-party cookies (when, while browsing a website, cookies are sent to your computer by another website).

Please see the links below for more information on managing cookies with each of the major browsers:
- For Microsoft Edge: More ...> Settings, Select "Show advanced settings", under Privacy & Services> Cookies, select the option that suits you.
- For Mozilla Firefox: open the "Tools" menu, then select "Options"; click on the "Privacy" tab and choose the desired options.
- For Google Chrome: open the configuration menu (wrench logo), then select "Options"; click "Advanced Options" and then in the "Privacy" section, click "Content Settings", and choose the desired options.
- For Safari: choose "Safari> Preferences" then click on "Security"; In the section "Accept cookies" choose the desired options.
- For Opera: open the "Tools" or "Settings" menu, then select "Delete private data"; click on the "Detailed Options" tab, then choose the desired options.

Please contact our personal data administrator directly for any questions regarding the processing of your personal information. Our administrator is at your disposal for any assistance regarding a request for information, a suggestion or a complaint.
You can contact him at the following email address: info{AT}hostellerie-pape{DOT}com.

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