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"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

"Eguisheim : Cité du Pape"

The restaurant

Wait no longer, discover gourmet and savoury cuisine that combines tradition with modernity to create the boldest dishes.

Along with his team, our chef offers a palette of dishes from the most traditional to the most original, allowing everyone to indulge themselves as they wish.

  • Restaurant room: seats 54 individual people
  • Caveau banquet hall: seats a maximum of 60
  • Small room: 12 people
  • The terrace over 2 floors seats around 100
  • Opening times:
  • 12:00 to 14:00 and 19:00 to 21:30
  • The restaurant is open every day, 7 days per week



Hot and cold starters

Vegetables creamed soup

1/2 portion 5,00€ 

€ 8
Assorted charcuterie meats to share

1/2 portion 13,00€

€ 22
Scandinavian salad with salmon and white cheese

Les 12 pièces

8.00€ les 6 pièces

€ 15.95
Countrysalad with diced bacon and egg

Servi en 1/2 portion à 7.95€

€ 15
Alsatian pork-sausage salad

Servi en 1/2 portion : 10,95€

€ 15.95
Cesar salad with chicken and anchovy sauce

Servi en 1/2 portion : 9,00€

€ 16.95


Dos de saumon rôti, pommes fondantes, chou rouge confit, sauce Pinot Noir
€ 23


Tourte vigneronne, salade de pommes de terre
€ 22
Boeuf gros sel, os à moëlle, salade de crudités
€ 23
Chicken meat coated with breadcrumbs and filled with ham and cheese, french fries
€ 24
Gamestew with cabbage and Alsatian noodles
€ 22

At the corner of the furnace

Ham knuckle with beer, roasted potatoes and green salad
€ 23
Open flacky pastry shell filled with a sauce-bound meat, Alsatian noodles
€ 22


Shredded potatoes fried in the form of a large pancake, sauerkraut, smoked meat, green salad

(galette de pommes de terre, choucroute, viande fumée, salade verte)

€ 18
Rösti, Pilzen, Kräuterbutter, grüner Salat

(galette de pommes de terre, champignons, beurre d'herbes, salade verte)

€ 18
Gratin de spätzles

Spätzles, crème, lard fumé, bargkass, salade verte

€ 17
Shredded potatoes fried in the form of a large pancake, Munster, Bargkass and alsatian white cottage cheese with herbs ans shallots

(galette de pommes de terre, Munster, Bargkass, bibalakas, jambon cru, salade verte)

€ 18.95


Paire de knack, pommes frites
€ 12.95
Steack haché, pommes frites
€ 14
Burgers are served with french fries
Minced steak, burger sauce, cheese, salad, coppa and tomatoes

(steak haché, sauce burger, fromage, salade, coppa, tomate)

€ 15.90
Salmon, Béarnaise sauce, dry tomatoe, salad and onions
€ 17.95
Cheese, chicken, anchovy sauce, salad, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese

(emmental, poulet, salade, tomates, parmesan)

€ 16
Minced steak, burger sauce, goat cheese, salad and tomatoes

(steack haché, fromage de chèvre, sauce burger, jambon cru, tomate, salade)

€ 16.50
Vegetarian dishes

Neither meat - Neither fish

Bouchée forestière, spätzles à l'Alsacienne
€ 18
Alsatian white cottage cheese with herbs and shallots, roasted potatoes and green salad

1/2 portion à 9€ 

Supplément Munster à 2,50€

€ 16
Alsatian must-sees

The unavoidable - Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut with poached knuckle of ham
€ 23
Farmer sauerkraut
€ 23
Fishes sauerkraut
€ 25
Sauerkraut « Gargantuesque du Pape »
€ 27

Tartes flambées

La demi tarte flambée, salade verte
€ 10.90
Green salad
€ 3.90


Nature (soft white cheese, diced bacon, onions)
€ 12.95
Gratinée (soft white cheese, diced bacon, onions, emmental)
€ 15
Munster (soft white cheese, diced bacon, onions, Munster cheese )
€ 15.50
Goat and Walnuts (soft white cheese, diced bacon, goat cheese, nuts, onions)
€ 16
Cochonnaille (soft white cheese, black pudding, apple, onions, shallots)
€ 14
Winegrower (soft white cheese, sausage, potatoes, swiss cheese, onions)
€ 18


Farmhouse Munster with cumin and salad
€ 7
Plate of 3 cheeses
€ 9
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